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                                  Parallel groove clamp

                                  APG Casting type section Aluminium pg clamp


                                  The APG parallel groove clamps are designed to connect two aluminium conductors.

                                  1)Advanced forging technology enhances the mechanical strength of the clamp.
                                  2)Special designed screw hole and arc shape of the body allow clamp to adjusts to different cable size on each side.
                                  3)Clamp body is made of aluminium with excellent electrical conductivity.
                                  4)Gross-grooved clamp channels enhance both mechanical pullout strength and electrical conductivity.
                                  5)Materials of bolt and nut are optional depend on customer request. Options including Hot-dip galvanized steel and Stainless steel
                                  6)Pressure pad is applied to achieve uniform pressure along the clamp.

                                  Item No. Size(mm²) Bolt
                                  APG-A1 AL16-70 Single bolt
                                  APG-A2 AL16-150 Single bolt
                                  APG-B1 AL 6-35 Double bolt
                                  APG-B2 AL16-70 Double bolt
                                  APG-B3 AL16-150 Double bolt
                                  APG-B4 AL25-240 Double bolt
                                  APG-C1 AL16-70 Tri-bolt
                                  APG-C2 AL16-150 Tri-bolt
                                  APG-C3 AL25-240 Tri-bolt
                                  APG-C4 AL35-300 Tri-bolt

                                  Parallel groove clamp CAPG copper and aluminium parallel groove clamp  APG aluminum parallel groove clamp